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  1. All areas around your business or home, including yours landscaping, roof, etc will be protected from start to finish by drop cloths or poly plastic
  2. Mildew (which can attack & degrade the paint coating from the outside or inside) will be treated & killed
  3. All areas of loose paint will be removed. Further sanding & smoothing maybe necessary for maintenance or cosmetic considerations. An appropriate primer will be applied to all bare wood & metal to assure proper adhesion of new paint. This step also prevents future peeling ensuring your job lasts many years to come.
  4. Any loose caulking will be removed and replaced. Any open gaps will be filled with new caulking to prevent rainwater from penetrating below the surface.
  5. All loose nails will be reset & re-puttied as necessary
  6. Old timber windows remove all loose putty & reglazed.
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